Current MembersYoussef Altay, Mohamed Ibrahim, Kareem Maghrabi, Jacques Avakian

Idlemind was formed in February 2003 by Youssef Altay (Drums), Mohamed Ibrahim (Vocals), and Kareem Maghrabi (Guitars). Jacques Avakian (Bass) joined the band later in December of the same year. Sometime in early 2006, Maghrabi relocated and had to leave the band, and so the other three members were forced to carry on without him. In late 2006, due to Maghrabi's relocation and several internal issues, the band separated. In early 2007 the band got back together, and possibilities of Maghrabi's return arised.
The main idea among the band members was to create music free of all genre and taste restrictions, free of stereotypes, and free of cliches. The band members all live in the same city (Cairo, Egypt). A city that has become overrun by either techno, or death metal. The band wanted to show people that good music does not necessarily mean loud music, and that one can afford to like different genres, rather than worship one. Music written in Idlemind is always music from the heart, and wether it comes out acoustic or hardcore is not an issue. The fact that each member of the band played or is still playing in some other band contributes to the overall experience of the band, although the members are starting to realize that Idlemind is really the only band for them. Songwriting in Idlemind takes a completely different approach than in the members' older bands. Each member contributes to the song being written, be it lyrically or musically. Every song has each member's signature on it, and that's what makes each song unique to itself and to the band. Idlemind was initially formed to make music, and not to sell it. But we think if music had a price tag, this would be priceless.