Yesterday Lied
Yesterday Lied
Current MembersRashid Wagih, Mahmoud Reda, Abd El Rahman

In Early 2006 Rashid Wagih and Mahmoud Reda met their old school friend Mohamed Abd El Rahman..when all settled to
form a band,and a quiet determination to be as good as they possibly could be!
fitting between the influences of all three attempting to pull off the best work out of all..

-a month later "Cold Flames" was born to be the first band gathering all three members calling
drummer "Mohamed Tarek" to fill in for the band drumming!,the band started working on music and gigging for
almost a year till all four members decided to take a long break due to personal issues.

-On February 2008 Rashid,Mahmoud and Mohamed got back on the discussion table after a one year hiatus,teaming up with drummer Youssef Khafagi of the band "Degenercy" who've been jamming alot with Rashid and Mahmoud in
a Metalcore band named "My Brother Failure" the addition to one of the best Lead Singers in our local Rock'n'Roll scene "Dalia El-Menshawy" ex "Dieski" to complete the line-up and get the work on gears!